Magic Mushroom Capsules USA

Psilocybin Mushroom Capsules For Sale

Psilocybin Mushroom Capsules (Focus/Energy) If you want to reap the benefits of magic mushrooms without making the trip, our microdose capsules are for you. These capsules will have you feeling more energised, focused, and better than ever.

How? By putting just the right amount of magic mushrooms inside each microdose capsule, we chose to create the greatest microdose capsules available online in Canada.

This is due to the fact that we combined our microdose capsules with two other types of medicinal mushrooms known as Reishi and Chaga. Continue reading if you want to learn more about our Magic Mushroom Microdose Capsules and microdosing in general.

How Do I Take Microdose Capsules?

When microdosing, you must adhere to a timetable. There are numerous schedules available, some from well-known mycologists. Paul Stamets’ microdosing strategy, for example, calls for five days on and two days off. This covers one week’s worth of microdosing.

The two days off serve as a recovery period, preventing the body from developing a strong tolerance. For this reason, most microdosing techniques recommend a rest period.

For individuals who are just getting started, we recommend this microdosing programme. That means one pack of our microdose capsules should last around six weeks.

After all, each of our microdose capsule packs contains a total of 30 pills. Remember that if this timetable isn’t working for you, you can always try different programmes. Other strategies, such as James Fadiman’s, involve taking a dose one day and then waiting two days before taking another.

Some procedures specify every other day or even every four days on and three days off. You can always play around with your schedule to determine what works best for you. However, we urge that you take off days to avoid developing a tolerance.

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