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Want to have an intense psychedelic experience without taking shrooms? Fortunately, our magic mushroom macrodosing solutions can assist you in accomplishing this. These magic mushroom capsules and edibles allow you to enjoy the full psilocybin and psilocin potential without the bitter and unpleasant taste of dried magic mushrooms.

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While many users recommend microdosing magic mushrooms, macrodosing is a wonderful option for individuals seeking stronger, more noticeable benefits. Many users report enormous benefits from shroom macrodoses, with some even having spiritual or life-changing experiences.

What Are Macrodose Capsules?

You've probably heard of microdosing, or taking a very small dose of magic mushrooms to avoid overpowering effects. Microdosing is a fantastic idea for novices since it allows them to experience psilocybin's creativity-enhancing and sense-healing properties without the powerful impacts that higher dosages cause.

To experience the full potential of psilocybin, macrodosing requires taking a greater dosage. While microdosing is appropriate in many cases, psychonauts seeking hallucinations, mind-expanding effects, and life-changing experiences may prefer to take a macrodose of magic mushrooms.

While it is possible to consume a large dose of dried magic mushrooms, many users find the taste sour and unpleasant. Furthermore, it is simple to overdo it. Using macrodose items like magic mushroom edibles and capsules allows you to receive the exact psilocybin dosage you want in a safe and comfortable manner.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Macrodosing

Macrodosing using magic mushroom capsules and edibles is the best method to get your psilocybin fix. Those seeking high exhilaration and sense-healing effects should take two or three capsules or eat a few magic mushroom chocolates. Those looking for a more intense trip can just take a couple more.

Taking a macrodose of magic mushrooms (1.5 to 3.5 grams) is frequently the best way to enjoy psilocybin's tremendous effects. According to research, moderate to high doses of psilocybin can aid with anxiety and despair, addiction, and even spiritual experiences.

That being said, it's critical to monitor your dosage. Taking too much psilocybin can lead to a terrible trip with a variety of unpleasant mental and bodily symptoms. Some users may wish to start with a microdose, but experienced psychonauts will benefit from macrodoses.

Buy Magic Mushroom Capsules and Edibles Online

Magic mushrooms can be macrodosed via products such as capsules and edibles. Fortunately, Magic Mushrooms Dispensary sells these products safely and readily online.

Because each serving includes a fixed dosage, these products are ideal for macrodosing. Many capsules and edibles contain 500mg of psilocybin, which is the same as 0.5g of dry magic mushrooms. As a result, ingesting 3 can provide tremendous effects, whereas taking 5 can provide a classic psychedelic trip.

All orders are processed safely and discretely, guaranteeing that no one knows what's inside your gift. As a result, shoppers across Canada may order the things they want with confidence that their order will arrive safely and without incident.

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