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If you’ve ever eaten pilocybin mushrooms, you know how unpleasant they taste. Magic mushroom tea has become a popular means of intake for many individuals.

Mushroom tea allows you to enjoy mushrooms in a more digestible form, and it can actually alleviate nausea and pain. So, to enhance your wonderful experience, we propose preparing a cup of mushroom tea from one of our magnificent tea bags.

Drinking tea is claimed to hasten the’shroom experience and cause you to peak considerably sooner because of the high absorption rate. While it may activate faster, it will also fade faster, with the effects of the tea lasting half as long if consumed. If you want a more intense sensation, you might want to consider eating them.

Psilocybin Mushroom Tea | Magic Mushroom Tea Benefits

Magic Mushroom Tea has both therapeutic and nutritional benefits. Mushrooms are fungi, and like other fungi, they are extremely good to human health. However, some fungi are better for certain things and others for others (this is not to claim that all mushrooms are safe!).

Mushrooms (the edible and safe varieties) are high in antioxidants and are believed to boost the immune system, lower cholesterol, and improve digestion. Some research are also looking into the fungus's ability to fight cancer.

It is also believed that drinking psychedelic mushroom tea improves one's mental health and reduces stress and anxiety. There are numerous other benefits that mushrooms can bring; however, some of them are limited to specific types of mushrooms.

In terms of nutritional benefits, mushroom tea is high in vitamin B (a building block of health) and low in calories (no need to worry about ruining your diet).

The lower concentration of psilocybin in certain tea should not impact you multiple times while providing a mild buzz of energy; some take it as a substitute to caffeine.

Mushroom Tea Versus Eating ‘shrooms

It all comes down to personal preference and what you want to get out of your magical mushrooms when it comes to eating, brewing, and drinking them. Some of the nutrients in the mushrooms will be removed and released into the water when you prepare and soak them for the tea.

The same is true for the mushroom's psilocybin, which means that the tea will still include some of the psychoactive component, although in a reduced quantity. How you go about the soaking, brewing, and preparation steps also has an impact on this.

You will have a nutritious and medicinal drink that will relax your tensions without making you feel like you need to lie down or that your reality is hazy. This, again, is depending on the dosage. It is also vital to remember that the hit from drinking tea will appear stronger than if you ate it. This is because liquids are more easily absorbed by the body than solids, which take longer.

Drinking tea is claimed to speed up the experience and cause you to peak considerably faster because to the fast absorption rate. While it may activate faster, it will also fade faster, with the effects of the tea lasting half as long if eaten instead.

In contrast, if you want a more intense sensation, you should consider consuming them. Eating the mushrooms as they are when you receive them will be more potent because they still have a higher concentration of psilocybin, providing you with the majority of the medicinal values of the tea as well as a much stronger psychedelic producing effect.

Finally, examine your personal preferences. Due to their exceedingly disagreeable taste, mushrooms have a reputation for being less than appetizing or fun to eat. This issue is addressed with mushroom tea. While it will not taste significantly better, it will be an improvement that can be further enhanced by adding lemon or other tastes to the tea.

Magic Mushroom Tea Experience

Taking Psilocybin Mushroom Tea instead of entire edibles is a great way to get the calming and relaxing effects of mushrooms without having to schedule 9 hours out of your day or simply don't want to experience that heavy of a dose.

Having saying that, the tea is still fairly adaptable, allowing you to microdose throughout the day or brew a large batch for a more potent effect.

This feature may make a weak cup of mushroom tea a decent place to start for individuals who want to sample shrooms for the first time but aren't ready to consume the actual thing yet. The real sensation once the impact takes effect is, to some extent, subjective to each individual.

The mushroom tea effect is claimed to be milder in strength, but will provide you with the same overall feeling as eating the mushrooms, but less intensely. Returning to the subjectivity of the experience, it is also heavily dependent on your personal emotional state and thinking.

These distinctions will influence how and what you feel on your journey. Despite this, magic mushroom tea is still a hallucinogenic, which means it will cause a variety of visual and mental perception aberrations.

The experience can be both pleasurable and terrible; it all depends on your mental state at the moment of intake and the types of stimuli you encounter during the trip.

The experience might be calming and fleeting, or severe and paranoia-inducing; it all depends on you and how you deal with the affects.

Magic Mushroom Tea Faqs

Is Drinking Magic Mushroom Tea Easier On The Stomach?

It is much easier on the stomach to drink shroom tea than to eat raw magic mushrooms. If you become easily queasy, shroom tea is a good solution for you! You may, of course, buy pre-made tea bags or steep fresh magic mushrooms in hot water for a similar effect.

How Long Does Mushroom Tea Take To Kick In?

The short answer is that it depends on your body and metabolism; however, most people report that the mushrooms kick in around 10-15 minutes after drinking the first cup. The trip can last from 4-5 hours for most customers, depending on how potent the batch is.

How Long To Soak A Tea Bag?

15 to 25 minutes soaking in hot water

What Can I Do to Improve the Taste?

If the flavor of the tea is still not to your liking, you can always experiment by adding more tastes or drinks to it. Lemon water is a popular tea beverage option. Just keep in mind that the more you add, the more diluted the tea will become.

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